Getting to know Aschaffenburg
















Getting to know Aschaffenburg

Excitement and curiosity were the emotions that we had while walking towards the first official day of the European Erasmus+ Meeting in Germany. Every team had put a lot of time and effort into the preparation of this event, and when it was finally time to get to know the other pupils and teachers from Belgium, Greece and Norway and show what we'd worked on we couldn't wait to get started. After the representatives of each school greeted each other and exchanged presents, every team held their presentation, informing the other countries about their culture, where they come from, and of course the way their school system works. Afterwards we made our way to the "Casino" cinema where we watched the movie "Taste the waste". It fit our week's topic perfectly, informing about all the food that's thrown away and the effects it has on people all over the world, but also what alternatives there are to throwing away these amounts of food. At the city hall we met Aschaffenburg’s mayor who welcomed our guests us with very amusing questions regarding their different countries but also a look into life in Aschaffenburg. Later, we visited the Theater with a guided tour, where some of the German students also presented little performances in order to show the Theatre's atmosphere. Finally we had a little sightseing tour around the city centre, including Abbey's Basilica, the Pompejanum and the Castle Johannisburg. For the rest of the day we enjoyed the free time with our exchange partners, doing various activities.

Personal Summary:
To me, this week was an extraordinary experience, regarding many different aspects. First of all, I got much more aware of all the ways our economical system could work better, and how I can do my personal part to help people and the environment, because even small acts have an effect. Another very important part of the week were the friendships that were made throughout the week. We got to know people from very different parts of Europe and it couldn't have been more interesting to get to know more about how they live but also how much all of us have in common. While being pretty shy on the first days, by Friday we were a very well working and communicating group of people, who shared a very important interest
- how to avoid food waste!

Text: Charlotte B., Q 11; Fotos: Fr. Scholz; Web-Darstellung: MWS-Homepage; LG


Attending lessons and Schönbusch








Schönbusch, PE lesson

On Wednesday our exchange students had a PE lesson with a 10th grade.  They joined the warm up with stretching and gymnastic exercises.
After that they all fetched basketballs and did some games. At last all of the students played a game of Völkerball which is almost a tradition to play here in Germany at the end of a PE lesson.

In the afternoon we all went to park Schönbusch. Because of the really cold weather Mrs Reidl brought us some tea to warm us up. But although it was that cold outside we had a lot of fun walking on the frozen lake. Some of us even tried ice skating while others went into the maze.

On Friday our exchange students got to know our normal school lessons. They joined lessons of math, English, Latin, Spanish, French and political lesson.
In political lesson we talked with our Greek and Norwegian exchange students about their school and the political system in their countries.


Text: Anne Z. Q11


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