Family Day


Saturday was an almost completely free day, which was intended to be spent with the families and to discover a little bit more about German culture.

Some of us met up and went bowling together with their families. Everyone enjoyed spending time together in the cool underground bowling hall.

Others thought to themselves: “We don’t have snow every day, so let’s enjoy it while we can!” And they went sleighing.

The rest went shopping in a big shopping village called “Wertheim Village” They had a lot of fun discovering new and exciting shops.

So in the end it was a fantastic day and everyone went to the goodbye party with a smile.


Text: Susanne E., Q11









Team Germany thought that it would be nice to surprise the students and teachers from Greece, Norway and Belgium with a traditional „Weißwurstfrühstück“.

After listening to the students’ first presentations about foodwaste everybody was really hungry and enjoyed eating these white sausages with brezels and sweet mustard. The German girls who had prepared the event were even wearing traditional costumes called “Dirndl”  and served the food with some Bavarian background music in a classroom which had been decorated in the typical colours white and blue.

I enjoyed having this Bavarian breakfast because it was interesting to watch the other students trying to eat this food, which is not so easy. In my opinion it was a really good idea to show and share with our Erasmus partners one of our Bavarian traditions.  It turned out to be  a great success.


 Text: Pia A., Q 12

Cooking Time - Schnipselparty









Before our guests came to visit us, we decided to create something that will make it possible for them to use food that does not look perfect anymore for an excellent meal. That is why we all collected recipes of food that is cooked with leftovers in our families. Out of all the recipes we made a little leftover-recipes-book as a little present for every guest.

Our next mission was to show them that this food will taste really good, too,  so we had a great cooking party. In little groups we made smoothies, cherry crumble (,,Kirschenmichel”), bread & butter pudding and a vegetable soup. After everything was ready we had our big meal which was quite nice. Everything tasted delicious and some of us showed hidden talents for cooking. Everybody was surprised at how delicious something can taste that would have been thrown away in a bakery or in a supermarket. We all had a very nice evening and Team Germany is sure that we are doing our best not to contribute to wasting food ourselves.

 Text: Laura W., Q11




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