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Chocolate Paradise

Our visit to “Fischer’s Confectionery”

on 6th October 2015


As part of the transnational P-Seminar “Erasmus+” with the topic “Food for thought”, we – nine students of  Q11, with our teachers Mrs Reidl and Mrs Scholz- visited “Fischer’s Confectionery” in Aschaffenburg.


We met at 1:30 pm in the assembly hall of our school and walked up to the nearby confectionery where we were greeted by the scent of chocolate and chocolate candy in many flavours. Mr Fischer led us behind the counter and past some chocolate machines to the working area where he told us about the way of a cocoa bean from a tree near the equator to the counter in his confectionery. Mr Fischer’s main supplier is a company called “ Valrhona which is famous for its high quality products and fair trade concept.

To keep us entertained while he was explaining how important high quality ingredients are, he let us try some delicious nougat and the chocolate of a white chocolate bean so that we could get a first-hand impression of what he was talking about.

Apart from the nearly untreated cocoa bean every product melted in our mouths and we enjoyed the taste tremendously.

When we asked Mr Fischer if he could still face and deal with  these sweets, he led us to the fridge- which was actually a little room - and gave us a Dominostein each (a combination out of ginger bread, sour cherry, marzipan and dark chocolate) with the words “ Every day I eat some sweets here, but at home I need something hearty to eat”


“Fischer’s Confectionery” has its own bakery in the basement and the confectionery is on ground level, where the delicious sweets are created.  You cannot compare this high quality chocolate to the cheap products you buy in a discounter.

After we thanked Mr Fischer for showing us around, nearly nobody could resist buying some chocolate  for themselves or their families.

And with chocolate in our stomachs and sweets bags in our hands we finished our visit and can now appreciate good ingredients even if the products are consequently more expensive in the end.


Rebecca Buse, Q11

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